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Jan 11, 2013 3:00pm EST
beginning this year as a result of this deal they cut, plus the obama care taxes, those are significant headwinds on economic growth in 2013. >> so you raising cash then, michael? >> we're strategically selling and reapplying in other areas that are beaten down as part of our overall diversified strategy. >> david katz, what do you like best in the market right here? with bank earnings starting today, with wells and you'll get a flood of them next week. that's probably going to set the tone for where the market goes next, right? >> it's going to be both the financials and the industrials as they come in. in terms of what we like for the upcoming year, we think financials which had a very good 2012 are due for a repeat, also for a good year. we don't think the earnings season is going to drive them higher. we think they will start to move higher after the earnings season as they look at the 2013 outlook, not last quarter. also like energy. that was a laggard, we think that's due for a catchup and industrials should also do well in the upcoming year. >> in terms of washington and the dysf
Jan 9, 2013 3:00pm EST
as the debt ceiling fight is heateding up, we're getting a new treasury secretary. tomorrow president obama expected to nominate white house chief of staff jack lew to replace tim geithner. will that a make a deal on the debt easier or tougher? >> and constellation brands raising its estimates. the stock is one of the s&p's top performers of the year. not getting much of a bood boost at all though. will this push the adult beverage company even higher? don't miss our exclusive with the company's ceo, rob sands. that's coming up. >> and aig's board declining to join a controversial shareholder lawsuit against the government over the $1 will 2 billion bailout of the company. i'll get the inside story from the ceo of the company, bob benmosche joining me here exclusively in the 4:00 hour of the "closing bell." back in a moment. curb... make you a target for thieves? or that dog bites account for a third of all home liability claims? what if you didn't know that one in seven drivers is uninsured? and that grease fires have to be smothered? the more you know, the better you can plan for whats ah
Jan 7, 2013 3:00pm EST
consumer fund. and she was a member of president obama's council of jobs and competitiveness. so where does the debt ceiling rate with the fiscal cliff game we saw? miss tyson, let me begin with you. if i understand your view correctly, you feel we have a situation in the economy where too much austerity would do the economy a great deal of damage right now. but an awful lot of people on the other side of the aisle say if not now, if we don't address spending now, when are we going to do it and that we have been saying fundamentally the same thing will take care of spending later, later, later and it never gets taken care of? >> well, i think that it is correct that we don't need fiscal austerity now, but we do need to -- a long-term plan to bring spending growth down in the future. you know, if we had a political system that worked efficiently, we could have both. we could have a plan, a long-term plan, maybe with some triggers. the federal reserve has triggered its interest rate policy based on what the economy is doing. so why not put in some spending cuts now, trigger them in gradually
Jan 4, 2013 3:00pm EST
said. >> sure. it's pretty clear that obama believes that the only problem that we have is be a undertaxing problem in this country. >> for medicare as well? >> everything, everything. there's no indication that he honestly believes that we have a spending and entitlement problem in this country that can't be taken care of through the fiscal consolidation that comes around by taxing people. >> i agree with him, sir. i do not believe that president obama wants to cut spending. do you think he does? >> yeah, i do. i don't think he wants to cut it enough and won't go as far as i want him to go, but, you know, he's laid out $375 billion worth of cuts in things like medicare that are at least a good start. >> but with all due respect, $375 billion in cuts, that's over ten years, right? every month we spend $100 billion more than we bring in. $375 billion over ten years when you're spending 100 billion more per month than you should is pitiful. >> michelle, that's why our commission proposed to cut spending by $3 trillion over a ten-year period. i get it, believe me. you know,
Jan 8, 2013 3:00pm EST
obama, that's for sure. >> only gotten worse. >> and it's going higher. they are expecting 22 trillion. >> going higher. >> in debt in the next eight years. thanks, everybody. >> please let me -- >> i've got to make my point here. >> go ahead. >> make your point here. >> okay. the point i'm trying to make, when you say am i blind, what i'm saying i'm not blind to it. the bottom line is stocks, we are 15% undervalued, and we should be about 10% to 15% overvalued so right now i believe we're undervalued. there's no bubble right now in terms of earnings expectations. >> what did earnings look like in 2007 in the united states, in 1989 in japan? they looked great until they crashed. >> that's what makes it -- i don't know why we should be overvalued, by the way. fundamentals are not that great. appreciate your time. got final stretch here. 45 minutes until the closing bell sounds on wall street. >> that was a good-spirited conversation. >> down 53 on the dow. >> and this one is for harry. enough of the pessimism, already. bob doll manages 17 million bucks, and he's up next with his 2013 pr
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5